“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it”
-Robert Swan.

We at Sakthi Gear Products are highly focused on limiting the carbon foot print in our factories. Recent studies confirm that machining of metal such as milling, turning and metal cutting gives out about 50% more co 2 than that of forging or casting of metal. Sakthi Gear Products initiated its first step towards balancing the carbon emissions by planting 100 trees in JAN 2019. We are proud in adopting kalivelampatti village in Coimbatore district by partnering with ‘VANAM’, a socio welfare organization which plays a main role in reducing carbon emissions.

“Sustainability in an organization begins from the organization itself”

By spanning around 50,000 square feet in our factory we had made space for plants and trees which provides pure air and also helps in reducing pollution. We also empower our employees to formalize their commitment towards sustainability to go energy efficient in all our premises. Sakthi Gear Products takes an oath in providing a sustainable contribution to the society and environment by providing continuous service to the people in the organization as well as to the people in the society.



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