The tremendous growth of Sakthi Gear Products as what it is today in a span of 3 decades, is purely because of the hard work and commitment of the employees.

’’Our employees are our assets. Yes, without them we are nothing now.” says the founder of Sakthi Gear Products.

At Sakthi Gear Products, it’s not just about the Freedom of expression; we put in our sincerest attempts to ensure that the voice of our employees does not go unheard. All the employees are treated equally thereby encouraging them to focus on navigating the challenges in front of them, which drives the company in the path of success. All the employees are encouraged to participate in improvement activities in their respective areas of work thereby helping an individual in sharpening his/her knowledge. Their achievements are then duly recognized and rewarded by various awards. The human resource team of Sakthi takes immense and sincere care of all the members of the Sakthi family, thereby ensuring no one is being under recognized for their work.

We believe that if we take care of the individual in the company, they will take care of the customers and thereby the company will grow towards success by itself!


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